Our Services

We shall mould your ideas!! From Product Development to Batch Production!

Product development

The constantly increasing market demands require continuous development of technical and intellectual assets. Our engineers are highly qualified in the development of the most complex precision tools.

Tool making

Our qualified tool making specialists prepare the top quality, high-precision and durable injection moulding dies on the basis of a product development concept and in compliance with the technical requirements, by means of which our injection moulding plant manufactures parts mostly for the car industry, electric industry and food industry.

Injection moulding

There is a continuous production on our 20 injection moulding machines in our plant. As regards the closing force, we are able to manufacture parts up to 25 to 300 tons. Both thermoplastic and duroplastic raw materials are used during injection moulding.  We have technologies to manufacture both 1- (1C) and 2-component (2C) parts from thermoplast materials.  We supply to small-, medium- and large-scale companies operating in car industry, electric industry, food industry and various economic fields. An automated IML technology is also used in house to produce food packaging materials.